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The Pauline Letters

Introducing the New Testament
ITEM # 7044
ISBN: 978-1-59982-099-6
Size: Paperback, 334 pages
Print: $33.95
Paul of Tarsus is a biblical figure like no other because of his role in the development of the New Testament. The Pauline Letters is a clear, engaging text created for those studying Paul’s Letters, a task essential for understanding Christianity.

Exploring the complexities of Paul’s life and work, the integration of Jewish theology and Greek thought in the Pauline Letters, and questions of authorship of the letters, this text guides and challenges the reader to understand how Paul shaped Christianity.

This commentary-–perfect for students and an asset for any professor’s library-–addresses the historical, social, and literary contexts of each Letter and what the Letters reveal about Paul’s theology and ethics. The text’s summaries, review questions, and recommended additional readings make it ideal for undergraduate courses.
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