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Anselm Academic Study Bible

ITEM # 4142
ISBN: 978-1-59982-124-5
Type: Softcover
Print: $34.95

Organized and developed with today’s reader in mind, the Anselm Academic Catholic Study Bible is an unsurpassed resource for anyone who wants to know more about the Bible. No previous knowledge of the Bible is assumed here, and newcomers and veterans alike will benefit from this Catholic Study Bible’s insightful articles, sensible structure, and user-tested design. We invite you to preview the Bible’s features by clicking on the View Sampler button above.

The Anselm Academic Catholic Study Bible’s unique features include the following:

-Rigorous scholarship. Academic articles and introductions accompanying the biblical books are based on the latest research. Contributors include both established and emerging Scripture scholars.

-Rich study aids. Charts, maps, timelines, and reference to online resources enhance learning. Full color and black-and-white photographs of places and objects commonly mentioned in the Bible convey a strong sense of the life and times of the biblical world.- Distinctive approach. The Catholic Study Bible addresses diverse students, practices sound pedagogy, and encourages critical thinking. Topics include those on cultural, ethnic, social, gender, and political issues and speak to today’s reader, explaining the context of the Bible’s writing.

-Navigation-friendly organization. Two academic introductions-Anselm and NABRE-preface each of the biblical books; other resources sensibly and accessibly arranged.

Peerless in design, the Anselm Academic Catholic Study Bible is appropriate for anyone approaching the Bible from an academic perspective and who wishes to deepen their understanding of this most influential book.

The Anselm Academic Study Bible uses the New American Bible – Revised Edition (NABRE) as its core and includes introductions and academic articles written by established and emerging Scripture scholars as well as maps and charts. These informative and accessible resources are listed below:

The Formation of the Bible
James Chukwuma Okoye, CSS
Geography, Archaeology, and the Scripture
Leslie J. Hoppe, OFM
Social Context of the Bible
Eric Stewart
Deuterocanonical and Noncanonical Scriptures
John Endres, SJ (OT), François Bovon (NT)
The Christian Bible and the Jews
Mary C. Boys
Jewish Biblical Interpretation
Amy-Jill Levine
The Distinctiveness of Jesus
Seán Charles Martin
The Many Faces of Jesus
Seán Charles Martin
The Lectionary: a Canon within the Canon
Regina Boisclair
A Brief History and Practice of Biblical Criticism
Marielle Frigge, OSB
Critical Issues in Contemporary Biblical Interpretation
Stephen J. Binz and Anselm Academic
Sacred Scripture in the Catholic Tradition
Stephen J. Binz
Contextual and Transformative Interpretation
Stephen J. Binz

Patricia Ahearne-Kroll, Dianne Bergant, Stephen J. Binz, Mary Katherine Birge, Regina Boisclair, François Bovon Frothingham, Mary C. Boys, Laurie Brink, Susan Calef, Warren Carter, Raymond F. Collins, Mary Coloe, Linda Day, Carol J. Dempsey, John Endres, Garrett Galvin, Andrew T. Glicksman, Michael D. Guinan, Leslie J. Hoppe, James A. Kelhoffer, Dale Launderville, Amy-Jill Levine, Seán Charles Martin, Geoffrey Miller, Harry P. Nasuti, James Chukwuma Okoye, Clare K. Rothschild, Jean-Pierre Ruiz, Eric Stewart, Pauline A. Viviano, Jerome Walsh, Tatha Wiley, and Christine Roy Yoder

The Israelite Kingdoms
Neo-Babylonian Empire, ca. Sixth Century BCE
The Table of Nations
The Tribal Territories
The Kingdom Years
The Assyrian Empire
The Babylonian Empire
Roman Empire in First Century CE
Palestine at the Time of Jesus
Jerusalem of David & Solomon; Jerusalem after the Exile; Jerusalem in Jesus’ Time
Paul’s Journeys in Acts (First and Second Journeys)
Paul’s Journeys in Acts (Third and Fourth Journeys)
Ministry of Jesus and Acts of the Apostles
The Holy Land in Modern Times

Deities of the Ancient Near East
Spiritual Ancestors of the Monotheistic Faiths
Prophets and Kings
Wonders, Miracles, and Signs in the Old Testament
Sacred Time: Festivals, Feasts, and Fasts of Judaism Practiced by Jesus, the Apostles, and Their Contemporaries
Greco-Roman Rulers in the New Testament Period
Titles of Jesus of Nazareth
Wonders, Miracles, and Signs in the New Testament
The Men Who Followed Jesus
The Women Who Followed Jesus
Beatitudes and Parables of Jesus
The Historical Critical Method of Scripture Analysis
The Gospel of Luke and Acts

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